I teach in a format using a combination of relaxation, breathing and vocalise derived from classical technique and apply it to rep or original songs. I have been very successful in training rock, pop and R&B vocalists to be more expressive, work on phrasing and dynamics, improve pitch and enunciation and expand the musical palate. I instruct effectively on the development of musical nuances including phrasing, tone, texture, color, and feel.

I also produce vocals and work in recording studio sessions to coach vocalists through the recording process.  I help them move through the session in a calm but timely manner and ensure that they have a positive experience and capture the material they are looking for.

In addition I work with actors and comedians on performance strategies, endurance, enunciation and projection. 

I have studied at Manhattan School of Music, and hold degrees from The Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford and New York University.


"I am a producer who has been sending vocalists to Marissa for over 5 years. Often times I send her singers who are painful to record or could really use some help to fix some flaws that are hindering their potential. Every time she has delivered astonishing results for much cheaper than anyone else out there. Singers who seemed tone deaf suddenly can sing confidently and with a great grasp of their vocals. Can't recommend enough!" - Jesse Cannon (Producer)

"Marissa has been my vocal instructor for nearly 4 years and I am so grateful for all of her patience and expertise. Marissa has stood by me countless times in studio sessions, performances and just regular lessons and has been instrumental to my growth as a vocalist. I totally credit her with teaching me how to find my voice!! It's so refreshing to be taught by someone who is so organized, punctual and dependable. She has been such a large part of my growth as a singer and songwriter and I highly recommend her and appreciate her immensely!!" -  Ekin Ozlen (Vocalist)

"I have been studying with Marissa for three years and can not say enough to praise her teaching skills, patience and encouragement. I came to her a novice with limited ability and goals and she has taken my singing to a level I did not think I was capable of! I "sing" her praises to all my musician friends who are looking to improve their vocals, especially because her lessons are affordable and she genuinely cares in helping you do your best. My lesson with Marissa is one of the highlights of my week!" - Candice Johnson (Vocalist)

"I was only able to study with Marissa for a short time due to my schedule, but I still use what she taught me 5 years later, and these techniques have made me the singer I am now. She took me, as someone who had no business singing in a band, and turned me into someone who is complimented on my vocals on a nightly basis. Marissa did this for me, and I was a lost cause." - Adam Bird (Singer of Those Mockingbirds)

"Marissa was very welcoming and immediately made me feel at ease with a relaxed teaching style and bright sense of humor. She emphasized the importance of my breathing and took me through a song of my choice, analyzing the mood and determining how to optimize my voice for that particular song. I really look forward to working with Marissa." - Paige Wilhide (vocalist)