I teach in a format using a combination of relaxation, breathing and vocalise derived from classical technique and apply it to rep or original songs. I have been very successful in training rock, pop and R&B vocalists to be more expressive, work on phrasing and dynamics, improve pitch and enunciation and expand the musical palate. I instruct effectively on the development of musical nuances including phrasing, tone, texture, color, and feel.

I also produce vocals and work in recording studio sessions to coach vocalists through the recording process.  I help them move through the session in a calm but timely manner and ensure that they have a positive experience and capture the material they are looking for.

In addition I work with actors and comedians on performance strategies, endurance, enunciation and projection. 

 I have studied at Manhattan School of Music, and hold degrees from The Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford and New York University.